Words Matter


  1. Words matter to Jesus : (Matthew 12)
    1. Specific caution from James (Swear words) 
    2. All of scripture submits to Jesus, both Old and New Testament. Both Moses and Paul. Both Isaiah and James.
      1. Orbiting around Jesus
      2. The OT Builds to Jesus and the NT builds from Jesus.
    3. Two tongues in conflict -- Two opposing rudders -- Christ in Matthew 12
      1. Grain-fields - Mercy giving heart
      2. Synagogue - Life Giving heart
      3. Demon Oppressed man - 
      4. The culmination of the conflict (By devils)
      5. Give us a sign
    4. Prophetic Theater (Validating - Vindicating)
    5. James like Jesus is warning leaders (EKG) Sinius Rythym (QRS Spike)
      1. The heart overflows into all of life
      2. The heart refuses to be silenced.
  2. Words matter in Community : (Matthew 15)
    1. The general caution to all (The heart Speaks)
    2. Pharisee and Scribes -- Matthew 15 -- What comes out of the mouth defiles a person
    3. The disciples and Peter's interaction in community
      1. Our heart displays and disciples in community
      2. It's a necessary tension for heart transformation 
      3. Robbing the Gospel of its tension in community destroys both the Gospel and community.
      4. It's in community that our hearts have to give account.
    4. Community is critical - Never outside of it -
    5. James to the community
      1. Words matter in community because they reveal and shape our hearts.
  3. Words matter to the World : (Matthew 28)
    1. The undercurrent of critical importance to James readers is why they exist
    2. Summary-- 
    3. Matthew 28
    4. How are you already going?
      1. You're life is teeming with people who need Jesus
      2. Life's spheres
      3. You cannot sacrifice the neighborhood for the nations. 
  4. Psalm 51