Meet Cities Church

Cities Church is a community of Christians in Minneapolis and St. Paul committed to worshiping Jesus, loving one another, and seeking the good of the Cities. We are made up of several Community Groups spread throughout the Twin Cities with the straightforward mission to make disciples of Jesus from all nations. 

Gospel Stories

We believe that Jesus is real. Not sort of real. Not once-upon-a-time real. But we believe that he is really real — more real than anything we face in our lives.

And we have the stories to tell you what that is like.

Each story is as different as each person. The backgrounds, the circumstances, the struggles — no two are exactly the same. But Jesus is the same. And when his grace and our stories collide, things change.

The Quarterly

The Quarterly is a publication of Cities Church that complements our current sermon series. It includes Bible study resources and articles from our congregation.