Save on Fees with a Bank Transfer

To maximize your gift, and minimize fees, please consider giving through a bank account (ACH transfer), rather than a Credit/Debit Card. Here’s how:

Gifts through banks require a 2-step process. Please have your account number and your bank routing number handy (both are located at the bottom of a physical check.)

  1. Start by initiating a gift and creating a Subsplash Account. Then enter your information to link a bank account.

  2. For verification, this will initiate 2 small deposits in your account in the next 1-3 days. So set a reminder on your phone 3 days out to check for these micro-deposits.

  3. Once you receive them (ex. $0.23, $0.63), log back into your Subsplash account to verify the bank deposits.

  4. You can now complete your giving transaction and are set up for good. You will never have to worry about your credit card expiring, and your transaction fee will be cut from 2.3% to 1%.