Your Role in God’s Grand Purposes

This is Isaiah 46 …

God has planned all of history and purposed all of the created order to one end; that he would be most glorified. And this glory is most uniquely revealed in the form of a people who love God together and make him the focal point of their attention and affection. And the means by which God raises up this people is through salvation. Or, as we see it on this side of the New Testament, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God takes a people who were rebellious, purchases their forgiveness, and frees them to love him. That he would be most glorified in them.

Or, God’s purposed glory in a redeemed people


But what about the manner? By what natural efforts does God accomplish this purpose? How does intend to bring about men and women who love him.

The Bible’s answer is to “make disciples”.

And I think that many of us have missed it; that we have dropped the ball on our role in the grand scheme of God’s eternal glory.

Particularly because of individualism. Which is the idea that I have my life and you have yours, and they can intersect as long as it is in ways that I deem appropriate. 

So your exhortation this morning is to see the spaces of your life as settings for discipleship. Make disciples, whether that be at the office, in the kitchen, behind the textbook, or in front of the audience. Teach what you know about God’s word, model what it looks like to live it out, and coach others in applying it to life.

See your life as an integral part in the grand scheme of God’s purposes.