Team World Vision at Cities Church

I love Jesus, and I love to run. I have been running seriously for the past 9 years. During high school I thought a lot about how I could use my passion for running to bring more glory to Jesus and bless others. Team World Vision (TWV) has showed me how. 

As a runner for TWV I am able to run along side passionate people who want to love others as much as Jesus loves us. You may be wondering how does an organization do that? TWV focuses on providing clean water to families in developing countries, especially Africa. They accomplish this through the implementation of efficient clean water projects.

Now, you might be thinking: that is great but why clean water? 

At TWV we like to say, "water is life." Dirty water causes more deaths in Africa than malaria and AIDS combined, which is terribly sad. But we have the opportunity to do something about it. Through marathon running we fundraise money to fund clean water projects. This adds a greater purpose to an already purposeful event. 

Not only that, but through TWV, and with the team that we're forming at Cities Church, we get the opportunity to train for a marathon with our brothers and sisters in Christ while also serving others in severe need around the world. Once base training begins in April, we will be running together on Saturdays, wearing our TWV-Cities Church gear, and becoming more visible in the Cities. This is such a sweet cause and I am so encouraged by the response this past Sunday at the info meeting. We are building a wonderful Cities Church team, and it's not too late to sign up.

If you’re interested, please contact me at or join the team directly at