Sermon Discussion for Acts 26

We’re getting near to the end of the Acts sermon series — just three more weeks! This book has been so relevant to our life as a church, touching on areas of mission, our identity in a post-Christian society, and our individual need to remember the gospel.

As a way to help us dive into level-three conversation in our Life Groups, we’ve been putting together a few sermon discussion questions. The hope here is that these questions provide a simple guide to take us from a common reference point (the Sunday sermon) to the heart-level issues we commonly face (our everyday lives). 

Sermon Discussion Questions for Acts 26, “I Wish You Were Like Me.”

Question 1

We talked about Luke’s strategy in Acts to show that Christianity is neither wholly Jewish nor wholly Gentile. Instead, Christianity, though rooted in the Jewish story, actually encompasses all cultures. What are some of the ways we’ve seen this played out in Acts? How does this “universalizing factor” of Christianity encourage us on mission?

For more on this topic, check out “Andrew Walls on Two Principles of the Gospel in Culture.”

Question 2

Paul never really got over his conversion. He told the story every chance he got. His collision with Jesus was the genesis of his mission. How might that work for us? How did our own collision with Jesus happen, and how can we share that story with friends and neighbors? Take minute and talk about your collision.

Question 3

Paul’s experience of God’s forgiveness was so real and deep that he wanted everyone to know what it was like. God’s mercy made him so secure that he, standing in prison garb and chains, told King Agrippa that he prayed Agrippa would get to be like him. 

Are we that confident in God’s mercy? Have we tasted it deeply enough that we can honestly look at others and want them to experience God’s mercy like we have? Have you ever thought like that before? Why do you think we don’t think like more often? What can we do to change that?