Reminder: Meeting at a New Location

This upcoming Sunday, November 1, Cities Church will be meeting at Minnehaha Lower School (4200 West River Parkway), just 10 blocks south of the Upper School.

This means that we will not be meeting at our normal location at Minnehaha Upper School. If you go to the Upper School, where we usually meet, no one will be there. We won’t be there because we’ll be at the Lower School — the one on 4200 West River Parkway.

So when you adjust your clocks on Saturday (Daylight savings ends), remember:

Hey, we get an extra hour tomorrow morning. And oh yeah, Cities Church is meeting at Minnehaha Lower School, the one on 4200 West River Parkway.

So spread the word. I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday, November 1, 10AM at Minnehaha Lower School (map).