Pastor Joe Wins Book Award

If you haven’t yet read Pastor Joe Rigney’s book, here’s your reminder. If you have already, perhaps here’s to re-reading it!

This week Christianity Today (CT) announced their 2016 book awards, and recognized Pastor Joe’s The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts as one of the best of the year, and a winner in the Christian Living/Discipleship category.

These awards are CT’s “picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.” Here’s the snippet from the CT site:

For the rest of the pastoral team at Cities Church, this is a chance for us to publically say thank you to God for Pastor Joe and his wife Jenny, and their boys, Sam and Peter. The Rigney family is an unspeakably great gift to us at Cities Church.

Joe has taught us so well from the hardest chapters of Acts, and on marriage and parenting, and this fall in Joel, Jonah, Zephaniah, and Zechariah. And his labors in writing Things of Earth has helped so many of us at depth, and will continue to shape and guide the life of our church and our vision for life and ministry.

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