Meet Our Newest Church Planting Team

Cities Church wants to plant more churches in the Twin Cities. That’s been our vision since the start, and in a pretty straightforward way, we believe it’s what happens if we are effective in our mission to make disciples.

We are a Word-centered church. We cherish the word of God and we want to, by God’s grace, faithfully preach his word. More specifically, being a Word-centered church means we are a gospel-centered church — because we believe that Jesus and his gospel is what the Bible is all about.

And, of course, we can’t stop there. We’re not a Word-centered, gospel-centered church just so we can worship together for an hour on Sundays. But we believe that if we are faithfully Word-centered, and therefore gospel-centered, then we will also be mission-centered — because the hope we have in Jesus and his gospel must be shared. . . .

. . . so that there are more disciples — more churches — worshiping Jesus.

And this is why church planting is so important to us.

Going back to Year One, our hope has been that multiplying Community Groups in concentrated areas will lead to starting new churches in those areas.

As more disciples are being made and more Community Groups are multiplying in geographic hubs, we plant a churches there. And then we plant another, and then another, and then another. And we keep doing this as long as God will let us, even raising up members of our church to go and do this among the unreached peoples of the world.
— Exhortation (June 26, 2015)

So having sent out All Peoples Church this past June, it brings me great joy to announce our newest planting team, launching in Roseville in Spring 2019:

Dan and Natika Nichols (Alice and Elise) …

… started the church planting residency at Cities Church in January. Having served on a church staff in Annandale for six years, Dan brought helpful experience and a sharpened vision for the kind of planting team he wanted to build. Because of the strategic location and the cluster of Community Groups in the area, Dan and Natika began focusing their attention on Roseville this summer. They have since bought a home in Roseville and have started investing in their community. Dan also joined our staff in July and has been a game-changer for us.

Mike and Amelia Schumann (Lydia) …

… have been at Cities Church since 2015. Mike has served as a deacon since January 2017 in the area of Community Group leadership. He faithfully leads the Rosedale CG in Roseville where he and his family live. Amelia has served as an administrative assistant for childcare since January this year. Mike is completing his MDiv at Southern Seminary and currently works as a student advisor at the University of Northwestern.

Kyle and Allie McIver (Ella, Asher, Emily)

… have also been at Cities Church since 2015. Having led the Roseville Community Group for over two years, Kyle was appointed as a deacon in July. He and Allie have lived in Roseville for several years, and have built deep roots in their community. Kyle is a graduate of Bethel University, and works at UCare in Minneapolis.

Want More Info?

Over the next several weeks there will be a handful of opportunities to hear from this new team and interact with them about the plant. We will get the word out about these opportunities, beginning this upcoming Sunday, October 28, when Dan Nichols will be preaching in our Genesis series.

If you have any questions, just shoot Dan an email: