Introducing the September Sermon Series

The book of Acts ends with the apostle Paul welcoming all who came to him. Whoever wanted to hear the gospel, his doors were open. Come on in and grab a seat. 

Couples. Singles. Men. Women. Students. Babies. Kids. Young. Old. Extraverts. Introverts. Rookies. Veterans. Black. White. Brown. Yellow. Baseball lovers and weird people.

The gospel is for every type of person, and if you want it you can have it. And that means the church is where we come together. The church is that new people of all peoples (1 Pet. 2:9). It’s that family greater than family (Mark 3:35). That unending reunion of those united to the unfailing Jesus (Eph 4:15–16). All of us, together. 

And so, during September we are going to do a four-part sermon series on this topic. The series is simply called “Together.” The plan is to walk through four basic realities of Cities Church: Marriage, Singleness, Children, and the Church as the Church.

While each sermon will focus on these realities, the theme is that we are together in all of them. But together how? And for what purpose? That’s what we’re going to explore with God’s word. 

Here’s a rundown of the schedule.