How Wisdom Works

I want to give to you something that came out of my time in the Word early Wednesday morning. And I want you to have it because I think it connects our “doing” as Christians with our life in God.  

And it centers around the idea of how wisdom works. It is the story told by Proverbs chapter 2.

How Wisdom Works

Here’s how it goes.

  • You seek God’s words and commandments like a treasure.  

  • In seeking it, God speaks it to you.  Like many of God’s great and glorious acts, it occurs through the spoken word.

  • It enters your heart by the work of the Spirit. So, wisdom is not just understanding and execution.  It is not simply knowing the right things and figuring out how to apply them in your life.

  • And then as you think, pray, act, and determine to be disciplined wisdom works itself out in your life. Keeps you from evil Keeps you walking well Shapes your thinking Shapes your words


Here it is friends. What I am about to say must be true for that to happen: Jesus is the wisdom of God to us. Not just that he has it, knows it, or provides it.  For us, God’s wisdom is found in Jesus Christ. And at the heart of his message is the news about his perfect life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection.


This means that: Your relationship to wisdom is bound up in your relationship to God through Jesus Christ.  You cannot have wisdom without Jesus. And with Jesus you get wisdom.


So, Church, seek the revealed word, Jesus Christ, like a treasure; that he would speak life, righteousness, growth, beauty into your heart.


God, we recognize that we dwell in folly; that even when our lives look put together, and our finances are in order, and we are working hard, our neglect of you and your message indicts us.  It reveals the foolishness bound up in our hearts. We know that you see this.  And we thank you for making us aware of it.  So now, in this moment, we silently confess our sins to you.