Hello, My Name Is Fight Club

Fight Club is a new initiative sparked by three Cities Church Community Groups in South Minneapolis.

Fight Club is a new initiative sparked by three Cities Church Community Groups in South Minneapolis.

Jesus has the words of eternal life. We have been given the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures to get to know Him and that is where true joy is found, so that’s where we’re going to go at Fight Club. Therefore, Fight Club isn’t a place to come complain about singleness. That would require an ungodly view of singleness, and complaining has never increased anyone’s joy. Our goal is to be truly happy in Jesus. I want that for myself and for every unmarried woman in our church.

So instead of sitting around and just talking about our emotions, or even just plucking out one verse and talking about how it makes us feel, we are going to march through the book of Romans and let it deal with us. We want to consume and soak in the ocean of Scripture. We want our hearts to be filtered through the Word, not the other way around.

One of the original visions of Fight Club was to help build “battle buddy” relationships. Life can be tough, and those of us who don't have spouses or children have different schedules and availabilities than those who do. This can make it more challenging to build those deeper relationships. Fight Club exists to help those of us with similar schedules to find each other and foster deep, Christ-centered friendships.

Another important part of the vision of Fight Club is that it is very low pressure. There is no official commitment, no homework. Come as you are whenever you want. We know all of our lives are already packed with commitments and this is not supposed to be a substitute for church or small group. The idea is that we keep things simple. We have a basic outline that’s the same every week. We connect personally and chat for a bit at the beginning; we talk about the Word for the middle third; and then we split up and pray for each other. That’s all. People, Bible, prayer. No pressure.

We’d love for you to join at the next event: Saturday, March 5, 11AM. Here is a summary of our February 21 meeting.