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This upcoming Sunday we are launching our next sermon series. It’s called “We Believe in Jesus” and it’s a five-week trek through person and work of Jesus. Following the outline of our ancient creeds, we will look closer at who Jesus is and what he did. We believe in Jesus, that . . .

  • He Came Down from Heaven (a sermon on Jesus’s Incarnation)
  • He Live As Man (a sermon on Jesus’s life)
  • He Was Crucified in Our Place (a sermon on Jesus’s death)
  • He Rose from the Dead and Ascended (a sermon on Jesus’s resurrection)
  • He Will Come Again (a sermon on Jesus’s second coming)

The latest Bible study guide to complement this series is now available for download. This is an abbreviated guide for this short five-week series, starting on January 3. You can download the guide by clicking the button below:

For more on our new sermon series, check out the Q&A on why we’re doing it.