Get Found!

To redeem something is to do whatever is necessary to bring that thing you treasure back into your possession; that is, to buy it back at whatever cost. And the act of redemption includes finding that sought-after possession. It means that the treasure, which was once in darkness, is illuminated. 

Here is some illumination for you, which should benefit your lives greatly. In the foyer at the entrance of the church is a table with lost and found on it, which includes a few bins of stuff; mugs, jackets, kids stuff, and bibles. It all needs to be found!  It needs to be redeemed by its owner.  And it is free!  All it takes is recognizing that you lost it, miss it, and want it back.


The light of redemption:

To a much greater degree, each one of us is in darkness and in desperate need of having the light of redemption shine on us. We are cold and need warmth. We are blind and need to have our path revealed.  We need the gospel light of Christ to penetrate our darkness.

So your exhortation this morning is to go check for your stuff! Bring back those miniature, broke-down, will-one-day-burn treasures back into your possession, that God might squeeze out a few more drops of grace for you from them.

Get Found!

But for real, your true exhortation is to get found!

Like Ruth, who put continued to put herself in the path of her redeemer Boaz that she and her family might be rescued; put yourself in the paths of grace, where the warmth of Jesus Christ shines. Find people who love Jesus together and give yourself over to them. Commit to them. Read, pray, and meditate on God’s Word. Sit under good preaching. Get counseling. Dedicate yourself being found and met by Jesus Christ.

Do whatever it takes to be found by Christ.

Dan Nichols