Be Transformed, Not Just Informed

Do not just be informed but be transformed.

In Romans 12 it talks about not being conformed to the patterns of this world but being transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

It means being so saturated with God’s word and the scriptures that they have more of an impact on our lives then what’s on our social media. It mean’s humbly in your soul realizing that you cannot make it without God and multiple times through out the day crying out in your mind and in your souls saying “God, I need you.” Realize how dependent you really are to him.

Listen, it is easy to be informed, it’s just acquiring knowledge but to be transformed is to take God’s truth in Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to shape it to whatever part of our lives He wants. Don’t just be informed by God’s Word but be transformed by it. You can assent to biblical truths and still be far from God. 

I believe with all of my heart that if I eat healthy I will live both longer and better. I am convinced of that you cannot convince me otherwise, it is settled matter in my mind. And yet when I am driving on my long commute home from work and my stomach is empty and I see a McDonalds right there, man. I’m informed but I’m not transformed. And so when we are fighting the good fight of faith don’t settle with just knowing biblical reality but fight your sinful desires whatever they may be and be transformed. Don’t settle for just knowing about Jesus be transformed by knowing him and don’t settle for just talking about Jesus but be transformed by talking with him and treasuring his words in all of the scriptures in your hearts and minds.

Joshua Foster Sr