Baptisms This Sunday

Big event this Sunday, May 15. 

Toward the close of our worship service, we will be baptizing eight adults outside on the soccer field at Minnehaha Academy Upper School. These are eight men and women who have trusted in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and who intend, with God’s help, to follow him as their Lord, Savior, and Treasure. It’s amazing. Praise God for this!

What to Expect

After the sermon, we will all transition through the West doors to the field directly behind the building. During this time, we encourage parents to check their kids out of childcare and bring them outside for the baptism. To conclude the baptism, we will also observe the Lord’s Table together. Then we’ll sing. And then we’ll do lunch on the grounds. We’ll probably begin eating by noon.

We are providing a catered lunch from Union Kitchen, free-of-charge to whoever can make it. The menu is pretty incredible: Kalua Pork; Burnt Pineapple Chili; Couscous with Grilled Spring Veggies; Spring Salad with Lemon Ving; and, of course, some rolls.

So please plan to stick around, and invite your friends! There will be a lot of food. 

What to Bring

We’ll be eating outside, with a limited number of formal tables and chairs. So bring a picnic blanket or some lawn chairs. And some yard games — a frisbie, Spikeball, badminton, whatever you like. Also, bring a jacket. 60 and sunny works with a jacket.

I’m looking forward to this as one of the top highlights of 2016. I can’t wait to celebrate God’s grace together in an afternoon of food and fellowship. I hope you all can make it.


Jonathan Parnell