A Round-up of Links on So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and a Christian Response

As a part of our attempt to equip Cities Church, the pastors have put together a list of links that will help you to think through what has happened, how we should respond, and what we may expect in the future. There are a lot of them, but they should provide a resource that you can return to as situations and questions arise.

Resources for Equipping the Church by Joe Carter 

50 articles, videos, and messages covering the Supreme Court Decision, how we should respond, what’s coming next, talking to our family and friends, responding to questions about homosexuality, religious liberty implications, and practical advice for loving our neighbors. (David Schrock also has a lengthy round-up of articles)

When Obergefell Falls by Toby Sumpter

Pastor Toby Sumpter encourages Christians to not retreat but to boldly run out to meet the giant, confident that God will act. 

After Obergefell—A Pastoral Letter by Jeff Meyers

Pastor Jeff Meyers pens a pastoral letter to his church on how to respond, in which he references John Piper’s response to the Supreme Court and on the uniqueness of homosexuality in the present cultural moment. 

Which Culture War Should We Fight by Joe Rigney

Pastor Joe responds to columnist David Brooks on whether Christians should move on from the culture war oriented around issues of sexuality. 

Like Cheap Cinder Block by Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson highlights three lies that we are being told in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision. 

Going With the Flow by Mark Steyn

Columnist Mark Steyn makes some very shrewd insights about the difficulty of swimming against the tide that ought to challenge us as Christians in our neighborhoods and workplaces. 

Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins by Jonathan Parnell

Pastor Jonathan explains why our cultural situation presents an incomparable opportunity for the gospel to shine. 

Interview with Russell Moore

Watch from 55:22–01:16:10 in this interview with Russell Moore on C-SPAN (HT: Matt Smethurst), see why he thinks the church needs to recover the freakishness of our faith. 

When the church sees itself as part of a moral majority, or a silent majority, what happens is we stop emphasizing the things that are distinctively Christian in order to attempt to become more normal in society. That’s the reason so much of Christian political activism over the last generation really hasn’t been theologically defined at all. It has been in terms of values, in terms of traditional family values and principles. We don’t need Mayberry in order to thrive. Christianity didn’t start in Mayberry. It started in a very hostile Greco-Roman empire, and this gives us the opportunity to reclaim the freakishness of Christianity that the New Testament tells us causes Christianity to thrive. . . . We believe even stranger things [than God’s vision for sexuality]. We believe a previously dead man is going to show up in the sky on a horse. That is pretty strange and freakish to a natural mindset, and it was strange and freakish in AD 40.
— Russell Moore