Official statement from Cities Church regarding the exploratory process of uniting with First Baptist Minneapolis:


April 19, 2017

Cities Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We aim for everything we do as a church to flow from this mission. In recent months, in our hopes of becoming more effective in our shared calling, we explored with First Baptist Church Minneapolis their invitation to consider uniting our congregations as one new church. Throughout this process, we came to greatly appreciate the kind, humble, and gracious leadership of First Baptist, and we grew in excitement about the potential fruitfulness that could result from our churches combining our complementary strengths. However, as our congregation has rallied together in support of this church unification, a significant portion of the membership of First Baptist has expressed resistance. In light of this unexpected development, we have decided to discontinue the exploratory process, determining that it now seems wisest for Cities Church and First Baptist to remain two separate congregations for the foreseeable future. We pray God’s richest blessings upon First Baptist in the days ahead and upon the many leaders and members whom we have come to know and love. May our Lord Jesus be pleased to advance his gospel and build his church in the Twin Cities and beyond in the days and generations to come.