FAQ’s on Subsplash

  1. Why are we switching Giving Platforms?

    By switching our giving platform, we get a considerable discount on our initial and on-going fees associated with our phone App. In addition to that, we will save $100/month because Subsplash Giving is free and integrates with our phone App. Subsplash also has lower transaction fees than Pushpay, so we will be charged less for every gift we receive. Last, this new platform will allow us to make giving extremely easy through our coming Cities Church App!

  2. What happens to my scheduled gifts through Pushpay?

    Pushpay is still live for now, so you should go and cancel any recurring gifts after you sign-up through Subsplash. If you believe you accidentally doubled-up gifts during the transition, contact mike@citieschurch.com for help.

  3. Will we keep Pushpay?

    No, we will keep it temporarily to help you transition, but we will only use Subsplash going forward.

  4. Is there a way to cover the transaction fee for Cities Church?

    The best way to cover your fee is to give an extra 1% for ACH, or 2.3% for a credit/debit card. (ex. ACH $101 gift, = Cities Church receives $100 gift)

  5. Is Cities Church able to help in this process?

    Yes, if you have any further questions or would like help, email: mike@citieschurch.com. You can also visit Subsplash Giving for resources about your account and online giving.