Life Groups


What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are groups of 3–5 men or 3–5 women who meet together for mutual discipleship. Like everything at Cities Church, this grows out of our mission to make disciples. Specifically, Life Groups are our strategy for discipleship in depth.

As a smaller, more personal gathering, the vision for Life Groups is that it be a place where we can lean on one another throughout the complexities of life. 

That means that we want to have conversations that get at the heart of things. We don’t want to talk mere chit-chat (what we call level-one conversation, such as “What's up? How about those Vikings?”); nor do we just want to get to know one another (level-two conversation, such as “So, you grew up in Texas? How many siblings do you have?”). We want — we need — to go deeper than this. We need level-three conversation. We need the kind of conversation that presses beneath the surface and gets into the affections, the hopes, the fears, the anxieties — all the places where we desperately want Jesus to come and reign. There are the complexities through which we often struggle, but seldom talk about. So that’s what Life Groups are about.

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