Life Group Point Person Follow Up

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks, again, to those of you who made it to our Life Group Point Person Support gathering last month. It was great to connect with you all, hear how things are going in your Life Groups, and encourage one another with ways we’re seeing God at work. 

Our next Life Group Point Person Support event will be on Sunday, September 23 from 12:00pm–1:30pm at the Summit Building. We’ll provide lunch and childcare for everyone, and devote the majority of our time to discussion. 

As a refresher, and for those who were unable to attend last month's gathering, here’s a summary of what we addressed:

Vital to Our Mission

We started with the recognition that Life Groups are vital to our church’s mission to make disciples in depth as they are our first layer of member care. Life Groups would not happen without you, the Point Persons, faithfully serving your groups. So, thank you for all you do to ensure your groups are regularly meeting and to make those times as meaningful as possible!

As an encouragement to us all, Erica Foster brought us a great word on exhorting one another in our Life Groups. Speaking primarily from Hebrews 3:12–14, Erica explained that we exhort one another “…so that the deception of sin will not harden our hearts. The purpose is to spur one another on to live out our faith in Jesus. Sin is evil and it leads us away from God. We do this because Jesus is real and he is better than everything we will ever experience in this life.” 

We also were reminded of the role of Life Group Point Persons — specifically, the task of communications. They do this in at least four ways: 1) They communicate when and where their LG is meeting. 2) They facilitate the gatherings and guide the group into level–three conversation. 3) They communicate and advocate for the needs of the members of their group by reaching out a Community Group leader, women’s ministry leader, or a pastor either with a member in need or on their behalf. 4) They communicate feedback on their perceived effectiveness of their Life Group gatherings monthly by completing the new Life Group Check-in Form, and twice-yearly by attending the Life Group Point Person Support gatherings. 

New Check-In Forms

We introduced the new Life Group Check-in Form. One of God’s charges to the leaders of Cities Church is to pay careful attention to ourselves and to all the flock (Cities’s members), that the Holy Spirit has made us overseers of, and to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood (Acts 20:28). Our pastoral team feels the weight of this charge and, especially as Cities Church grows, we need to find new and intentional ways to regularly check the pulse of our membership. Since you, LG Point Persons, are regularly seeing God’s grace at work — both in his pouring out of amazing blessing and in allowing fiery trials — in the lives of those in your LG, you are a key resource to help us pastors rejoice in all that is praiseworthy and good as well as petition God to grant endurance and provide relief for specific members. In an effort to ‘check the pulse’ more regularly, we’ve created the Life Group Check-in Form.


The ask is that once monthly you fill out the form. We’ve tried to keep it simple and it shouldn’t take more than 5–10min. to complete. Just go to and enter the password ‘gospel’ — fill out the form as completely as you’re able and click submit. I’ll send out a reminder towards the beginning of each month with a link to the form. 

Once again, thank you all for your faithfulness as the Point Person of your Life Group. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just need a sounding board to bounce ideas off of for how to make your Life Group more effective for advancing the gospel in depth, don’t hesitate to reach out to Erica Foster ( or myself. Both of us are eager to meet with you and help however we can. 


Because Jesus is alive,

Pastor Nick