FAQs: Weddings with Cities Church

Can I have my wedding at the Cities Church building?

Weddings with Cities Church are exclusively for covenant members of Cities Church. Currently, Commonwealth Properties, the building owner, is not offering the building for weddings or other events.

HOw much does it cost to rent the building?

Renting the building is free for the covenant members of Cities Church, however, each couple is responsible for expenses related to the officiate, audio-visual technician, and janitorial assistant. Those details are available upon request.

When can I rent the building for a wedding?

We are only able to facilitate Friday and Sunday weddings. Saturdays are not available. The available dates are on a “first come, first served” basis. 

Can I have my rehearsal dinner or reception at the building?

No. The space is only available for the wedding ceremony.

Would the pastors of Cities Church officiate my wedding?

Cities Church has several pastors who are licensed by the state of Minnesota to officiate weddings. Each pastor requires at least three sessions of premarital counseling for each couple. Feel free to reach out to any of the pastors about your wedding.

Can someone besides a Cities Church pastors officiate my wedding?

Yes. The building is available to covenant members whether a Cities Church pastor officiates or not.

How do I schedule a wedding at the church building?

To reserve a Friday or Sunday evening for a wedding ceremony, contact Dan Nichols (dan@citieschurch.com). 

Are there auxiliary rooms available for the wedding party?

Unfortunately, there is limited auxiliary space in the building. While the building is still under construction, the best we can do is a makeshift green room in a used, cluttered space.

How many can the space seat?

The space seats 400 comfortably. 

Can we decorate the chapel for the wedding?

Decorations in the chapel area are limited. The front of the chapel has the most inflexibility, however, the seating area is generally open for decorations along the aisles.


Question not answered? Contact our Operations Coordinator, Dan Nichols (dan@citieschurch.com).