What Are Life Groups?


The mission of Cities Church is the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18–20). We want to make disciples of all nations. This mission involves two aspects: distance and depth. Or conversion and counsel. Or multiplying and maturing.


  1. We worship Jesus : Corporate Worship
  2. We serve one another : Life Groups (Gender Specific; 3-5)
  3. We seek the good of the Cities : Community Group (Focus, shared ministry network)

Corporate Worship and Life Groups

This discipleship in depth, and our essential to serve one another. What do Life Groups have to do with worship?

First, worship shapes us. We become like what we worship.

Second, Gospel Worship is the heartbeat of the church.

We aim to be shaped by the gospel by walking through it together every week (keep in step, walk by the Spirit, walk rightly in the truth of the gospel)

  1. Call to Worship: God must call us into his presence
  2. Confession of Sin: Exhortation; Public / Representative Confession; Private Confession; Assurance of Pardon
  3. Consecration: Set apart for God’s service in song and word, singing and hearing
  4. Communion: Fellowship with God & sharing his table
  5. Commission: Take this gospel to the world

Third, Gospel worship pumps blood to the body . . . for:

  1. Seeking the good of the Cities: Evangelism, Discipleship, Aiming at Repentance and Forgiveness
  2. Serving each other through counsel and depth.

Corporate worship on Sundays shape Life Groups by:

  1. God is present when two or three or two hundred gather
  2. Confessing sins to God, in private, and to each other
  3. Together in the Word: Preaching vs. Pressing in; Hearing vs. Discussing
  4. Fellowship with Father, Son, and Each Other (Spirit is bond of union)
  5. Encouragement in Mission

Three Ingredients to Life Groups

  1. We remember our stories (Monuments of Grace; Level-Three Conversation)
  2. Lean in: We listen well
  3. Push back: We speak the truth in love (safe for sinners, not for sin)
    1. Ask questions (help others see for themselves)
    2. Comfort, exhort (beware deceitfulness of sin), rebuke (take responsibility) 
    3. Bring the Bible to bear (Bible Studies; Devotionals; Books, etc)