Dear Children’s Volunteer or Staff Member,

At Cities Church, we take our responsibility to care for children very seriously. These guidelines are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

The pages of this handbook provide a general overview of procedures and guidelines for our church volunteers and staff members. Our policies are intended to create a safe environment for children, one that protects children, workers, and the mission of Cities Church. These procedures have been adopted and will be strictly enforced.

Here are the next steps for you:

  1. Read the Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF).
  2. Complete Awareness Training (unless you have completed it within the last two years). Expect a separate email with instructions.
  3. Complete the Safety Questionnaire Form and sign the acknowledgements.
  4. Grant Permission for the Background Check. Expect a separate email with instructions.


Joe Rigney

Pastor for Children and Families